2011 Cyclo-cross World Championships Highlights

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2011 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships: Vos and Stybar keep their titles<br /><br /><br />Three world titles in the last three years: after her victory in St. Wendel, Marianne Vos -- who had already won the gold medal in the Elite category in 2006 at Zeddam -- certainly deserves to be considered the biggest cyclo-cross specialist of all time.<br /><br /><br />This versatile Dutch athlete -- who also possesses an impressive list of achievements on the road and on the track -- once again knew how to cope with the different race situations.<br /><br /><br />After fairly easily controlling the repeated attempts by Katherine Compton, the main favourite for the event, Vos launched her attack in the final lap. Neither the American, nor the Czech Katerina Nash, who accompanied them in the lead group, was able to react. The distance between them grew, and at the finish they were forced to concede 17'' and 20'' respectively to their rival.<br /><br /><br /><img src="http://ll.broadbandsports.com/images/43395_thumb.jpg" alt="2011 Cyclo-cross World Championships Highlights" title="2011 Cyclo-cross World Championships Highlights" width="150" height="90" alt="2011 Cyclo-cross World Championships Highlights"/>

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