China Plank 2016 with George Hood Episode 2-CCTV Interview

China Plank 2016 with George Hood Episode 2-CCTV Interview from Youtube by George Hood, 120 views

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This is a video presentation of George Hood's recent trip to Beijing China to compete in the 2nd International World Cup Plank Challenge sponsored by Mens Heath-China on May 14, 2016. George was joined by his crew, appropriately named Team Hood while in Beijing and included Dana Glowacka from Montreal, Karen Coffee from TVs Naked and Afraid, Mary Shanley, Chris Epstein, and Craig Thompson. Both Dana and Karen competed in the challenge and Dana won the women's division with a plank time of 2:05:00. George went on to achieve a new personal best of 7:40:04, 2hrs ,5mins longer than his previous best of 5:35:00 in April and the longest margin by which he has ever exceeded a previous best. The trip was memorable on so many fronts and this video series is an attempt to convey the joy, the pain, the laughs, the friendships and the fondest of memories of a trip that will forever be a part of our lives and those of countless Chinese. Enjoy the series and live the memories and stay inspired!

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