Leto Batman Arkham Predator mission (Time Lapse)

Leto Batman Arkham Predator mission (Time Lapse) from Youtube by TyFlyProductions, 50 views

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This is just a time lapse from the "Lego Batman Arkham Predator mission" I wanted to post because I didn't post yet this week. I am still working on Batman vs. Deathstroke Pt. 2, but am not finished yet. The voting for the video is done. I have a odd number of votes so now I have a winner, but you will find out who once the video comes out. I try to upload every week because I don't want to leave you guys hanging. It is just getting harder since I got homework and stuff. If you are still reading this then you get a gold star⭐️. If you liked the video, like, comment, share, and subscribe. And ENJOY!

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