Pokemon White 2 Hack: Vs. Mario Bros. Mario and Koopa King Bowser

Pokemon White 2 Hack: Vs. Mario Bros. Mario and Koopa King Bowser from Youtube by GarchompKing56, 573,232 views

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No, I'm not dead. Plus, I do apologize for the lack of uploads recently, I've been starting to get busy on quite a bit of things. Hopefully once I hit summer I can upload more frequently. Yesterday I simply felt like doing another hack battle since it's been a month since I did Clemont and Korrina's and I'm sure a majority of my subscribers were waiting for me to upload something. So, here it is. Yet another crossover, this time I battle Mario and Bowser as a team. The way how I made Mario and Bowser's team are mostly self-explanatory, but I'll still explain it so people won't comment really stupid things. Mario: Amoonguss: It looks like a mushroom, so I thought it would make a nice fit to Toad. Probopass: The stache, the color scheme (red and blue)... Probopass looks a bit like Mario in my opinion. xD Dragonite: If I were able to put in shiny Pokemon for the opponents, then I would have done so. Yoshi I guess would make a good Dragonite, but just pretend it's shiny for now. ;) Bowser: Carracosta: I guess it makes a decent Koopa Troopa. Marowak: It's another representation of Bowser's minions, but Marowak is that one Koopa Troopa that kind of wears a helmet and throws boomerangs. I'm not sure what his name is. Blastoise: I just had to. Bowser, Blastoise. They look similar almost. Like, comment and subscribe for more hack battles! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jet's OWs were made by Varo Saifuru Jet's backsprite were made by TiniVi Ace's OWs were made entirely by me Ace's backsprite were made by me Mario's OWs were made by Numbuh4-Go on deviantArt Mario's trainer sprite were made by drobot45 on deviantArt Bowser's OWs were taken from Mario and Luigi: BiS and shrunken to fit the sheet Bowser's trainer sprite were made by Fawlfuls-Minion on deviantAr Jet's artwork in the layout was made by XAX-Designs The theme used was Logan289's remix of the final boss theme in Mario and Luigi: BiS

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