Part Two: How to get followers fast

Part Two: How to get followers fast from Youtube by LyricVideosMade4U, 430 views

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This is a part two, on how to get followers fast. It's about 4minutes of actually doing stuff. Then you wait a day, not even a day, just go to sleep, wake up, BAM. Look up "shootouts' in your hashtag. We do this because you want to go to a pic that is a shootout, then you go to the persons acc. They usually have shootout in their username, and they are mostly following more people than are following them. Go to who they are following, and follow everyone. Well maybe not EVERYONE, but as many followers as you want, In my first video I only followers around 50 people, most of all of them followed back. in this one I followed 200ppl and I got a fair enough follow backs. You can just unfollow everybody later.

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