Angel Shots, Good Idea or False Rape Claim Tool?

Angel Shots, Good Idea or False Rape Claim Tool? from Youtube by News Fire, 116 views

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A New Secret Code for Women to Warn Bartenders about Date Rape Threats Tags: Angel Shots, Date Rape, Rape, False Rape Allegations, News, Headlines, News Headlines, NewsFire, Bodhi Agora Video: Article: Story Source: Website: Youtube: Facebook: Twitter: Description: Bodhi Agora of and discusses a new secret code for women to warn bartenders about date rape threats. Bodhi explores the darker side of this code and asks a challenging question, are you prepared to protect yourself? From the article: Have you ever felt unsafe while out on a date? Many women have experienced this moment of panic and felt unsure of what to do. Now, the Iberian Rooster restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL, is offering women a way to signal they're in distress by simply ordering an "angel shot" at the bar. According to a sign posted in the women's bathroom of the restaurant, ordering an angel shot lets the bartender know you would like to be escorted safely to your car at the end of your date. If you order the shot with ice, the bartender will call a taxi for you, and if you ask for it with lime, that will inform the bartender you would like for him or her to call the police. "I'm surprised to hear people are just talking about this," Russell Andrade, the restaurant owner of Iberian Rooster, told the Tampa Bay Times. "We didn't put the sign up for any attention. That sort of goes against the point." Either way, the angel shot sounds like a great step toward putting an end to feeling unsafe on bad dates.

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