11 Year Old Dances "Sorry" by Justin Bieber

11 Year Old Dances "Sorry" by Justin Bieber from Youtube by Lovelymakeupgirl, 1,007,743 views

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Thanks to everyone who leaves positive comments or constructive criticism ..... Please Please remember she is only 11 and is doing what she loves and makes her happy! I am her mother and protect her from the comments and if they are rude or have vulgar language I will block, report or disable the comments. I want this to be a positive place for all! Thanks so much! This girl of mine loves to dance! She spent a few hours up in her room learning the dance moves in the music video "SORRY" by Justin Bieber. She impresses me daily with her drive to learn and accomplish anything she puts her little heart to. #justinbieber Way to Go Girl! You are awesome!!!

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