Nyktalgia - Cold Void (HD)

Nyktalgia - Cold Void (HD) from Youtube by metal vasw, 22,840 views

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Depressive Black Metal from Germany, song taken from the album "Nyktalgia", released in 2004 by No Colours Records. Lyrics: The deadly way out reveals the truest cruelty and isolates me from reality, but I'm asking myself: what is reality: a dream? Everytime I reach this point, I remember dreams that will never be reality. Taking a bath in razors, entices me as a solution for my endless grief. The decision draws nearer. On a transparent way, I float much more away, without any sight. Am I blind, or am I still alive? And once again, I only sense the purest absence. A wound like this, cannot be healed anymore. I will decide, for the last time. The courage I've lost long ago - for I'll never feel happiness anew. In emotions of solitude, the non-presence is my home.my grave. When the pulse no longer throbs and the last drop of life left my veins, I become forever paralysed, by this ultimate.Cold Void

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