Sticky Mat

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Description: Sticky Mat Introduce: Hold your phones and other gadgets tighty on car dashboard or other places. Driving in your car, where do you store your cigarettes, phone and all those other little things you need it everyday? Put them in the glove box and you can't reach anything while driving-unless you want to steer the car blinly for a while. Placed on any of the dashboard trays, small things will usually shift around and sooner or later get lost somewhere. How and where to used? Just peel off the protective films for the pad and place it to the cat dashboard, put your mobile phone, keys, coins, sunglasses ect to Sticky Mat. What can we do if the Sticky Mat gets dirty? Just wash with clear water and soap. Pat dry, the stickness comes back. And re-use it anytime you like. How long can we use Sticky Mat? Months, years even! Just wash your Sticky Mat with clear water once in a while and let it dry. Keep it clean and used in right position. Sticky Mat是一个相当有黏性的垫,它可以粘黏在任何的表面上,拥有庞大的能力粘着垂直地的­物件。 Sticky Mat可立即应用在车上的Dashboard控制电话,Ipod, GPS和一些可在车里放着的物件。 当Sticky Mat弄脏或失去粘性,只须用冲水洗,干了之后像新的一样又可重复使用。

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