ABAP OO Tutorial Part 2

ABAP OO Tutorial Part 2 from Youtube by Thomas Jung, 1 views

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This is part 2 of the 5 part series on ABAP OO. In this part we will expand the lesson by looking at static vs. instance, visibility, exception classes, inheritance, polymorphism and abstract classes. We start with a very basic class with only static methods that works very much like a Function Group/Function Modules. Next we change the methods into instance methods and see how a class instance allows us to model complex data structures and relationships in code. Then we see how exception classes can make our exceptions more meaningful and simplify the surrounding code for dealing with exceptions. Finally we see the real power of object oriented design come to life as we use inheritance and polymorphism to hide the inner complexity of our business logic from calling applications all while ensuring uniform execution of our code. These techniques may feel foreign at first, but in the long run they lead to code that is easier and safer to maintain.

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