VOX VS Morley (Wah Shootout)

VOX VS Morley (Wah Shootout) from Youtube by Diego Hariswara, 10,404 views

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Diego is comparing the VOX V847 with the Morley Classic Wah at AVPRO. Which one do you prefer? Your comments & thoughts down below in the comments section please. Guitars: Fender Telecaster Semi Hollow Body & Ibanez SA 420 DX FX: Diego's Legend of the Condor Heroes FX Rig MK.3 (Bypassed except for BBE Sonic Maximizer before hitting the amps!) Amps: Peavey Classic 30 with Eminence speaker & Standard Peavey Studio Pro 112 Produced by AVPRO! www.avpro.co.nz Professional Audio & Video Production Including Guitar Lessons (online Via Skype now available) Contact us at: **************** +6422 638 5118 Skype ID: AVPRO New Zealand

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