SMA4, World e-30 (Koopa's Airship: Part 2) [クッパのひこうせん こうへん)]

SMA4, World e-30 (Koopa's Airship: Part 2) [クッパのひこうせん こうへん)] from Youtube by copyRIGHThunter, 32,694 views

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Here it is, the very last of the unreleased Japanese e-Reader levels. (Perhaps, I should show the 10 released ones?) Anyways, we pick right up where the last level left off: in Boom-Boom's quarters. Immediately after the fight, Mario ascends to the main deck of Koopa's Cruiser and heads for a final face off in World-e. I hope you guys enjoyed all of the unreleased levels. Please comment if you watch.

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