[Spoilers] Songs with Hopes and Dreams

[Spoilers] Songs with Hopes and Dreams from Youtube by LOLturbez, 0 views

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Undertale - Hopes and Dreams (Remix by Anomaly)
Hopes & Dreams (Drake/J.Cole Type Beat) Prod. T-Neil

Well, this video is about haf a year in the making, yes I made this video last year 2016, but didnt get into uploading it, but now, here it is finally uploaded. Although there may have been already a video about it, so heres my take on hopes and dreams. Another note, this isnt the entire list, theres alot more hopes and dreams in Undertale. Hey so, If you do happen to want to play with me, heres an IP for the server I play on: mcgamer.zone Thanks for reading the description, your a nice person!

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