Graphics Tournament Round 2 task, and Round 1 scores.

Graphics Tournament Round 2 task, and Round 1 scores. from Youtube by Remi Carl, 67 views

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Hey guys, this is the video reporting the scores of round one. Some of you just joined so you may not of won this round. But please don't hate if you don't win in each round. Sorry there's no audio, and when there is it isn't really good, I just don't have a mic and the time to use audio, so that's what this description is for, so read below. I sent you guys an email, but some of you didn't get it as i don't have your emails, can you please send it in the comments please. You need to make a Profile Pic for yourself for this round, it's due on the 11/2/15, and send it to my email, or give a link in the description of this video. Thanks Samuel for making the intro that you saw in the video, I will be using it, but may not with music. I just dint have time for stuff, as school is giving me a lot of work to do. Thanks guys for watching, and I will see you in the next video.

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