RTC, Elderly Driver. (Minor injuries)(Norfolk, England)

RTC, Elderly Driver. (Minor injuries)(Norfolk, England) from Youtube by LifeOfAnEnglishman, 464 views

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I was laying in bed when I heard the crash, within five minutes the first patrol car and RRV was on scene. I heard an engine rev high then the crash. It's rumoured the driver was on the wrong side of the road and swerved to avoid oncoming traffic, she may have panicked and hit the throttle and not the brake.I can't clarify any of the stories I have heard. As someone quite rightly said, she may have had a heart attack at the wheel or passed out for some reason. We should not jump to conclusions as to what happened. If I can find confirmation of the cause I will update this. Vehicles in attendance: Fire appliances from North Walsham, Stalham and Carrow (carrow was stood down before arrival) Three police units Two EAAS RRV's One EAAS Ambulance

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