Me Singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber - Christina Grimmie

Me Singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber - Christina Grimmie from Youtube by zeldaxlove64 Christina Grimmie, 5,293,651 views

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Christina Grimmie Singing Baby by Justin Bieber
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Hey guys ! I really can't stand the fact that my hair has a giant lump on the side of it, i did it WRONG today! but aside from the bad hair, let me just say that this song is very repetitive--i like it, don't get me wrong ! its fun to sing, but if you get annoyed with me saying "Baby baby baby OOOOHH" over and over again, feel free to turn it off, haha. :D but i hope you enjoy ! and yes, i realize i need to breathe properly, don't think I'm unaware :S aha, but please enjoy ! NEW CHANNEL FOR ORIGINAL SONGS, original songs COMING SOON, check it out if you so desire :D Check out my other covers! Subscribe for more of Christina Grimmie's Me Singing Covers, Above All That Is Random songs and VLogs!: My EP :: talk to me! :: Mah WEBSITE: Mah Facebook: Mah Twitter:!/therealgrimmie Mah Store: ----- Me Singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber - Christina Grimmie

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