SWTOR - Sith Warrior Storyline Part 20 (light)

SWTOR - Sith Warrior Storyline Part 20 (light) from Youtube by Lauri Mäkinen, 11,702 views

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Dri'im continues his journey through the galaxies of the Old Republic with Jaesa Willsaam in attempt to bring a lasting peace to the galaxy. -- As of my experience of the story line and the game itself, I'd like to state a few things. First of all, I'd like to say that the story was really well written, even as the ending was quite lame to me. It's very unique to have such level of storytelling in a MMORPG. However, this was kinda expected as the hype about the voice- acted quests and story got such a publicity even before the lauch of the game. SWTOR doesn't HAVE TO BE PLAYED as an MMO, and that's one thing I really loved about it. As far as the MMO aspect of the game goes it's quite lacking (to me as a MMORPG veteran), considering it's such a new game and no real "innovations" we're made throughout the development process. Yet, I reckon it's a-must-have experience for all the Star Wars fans out there who like video games! :) Thank you to everyone watching these vids in the past and in the future! I will most likely be bringing you more gameplay footage of some other games in the future. Although, I've cancelled my subscription to SWTOR, I still have some footage about the conversations between Dri'im and Jaesa which I will be bringing forth in the near future! Stay tuned!

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