7 Year Old Raps Justin Bieber - Baby by MattyBRaps (Lyrics on video)

7 Year Old Raps Justin Bieber - Baby by MattyBRaps (Lyrics on video) from Youtube by MattyB Lyrics, 29,057 views

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OFFICIAL MATTYB LINKS MattyB Gear Store http://MattyB.Spreadshirt.com Main Channel http://www.MattyBRaps.com YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/MattyBRaps YouTube Vlog Channel http://www.YouTube.com/MattyBVlogs Twitter http://www.Twitter.com/MattyBRaps Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/MattyBRaps LYRICS Young love Guard your hearts now... I just wanted to say that MattyB on the MIC deliverin' the right flow JB'S pop but this track is TIGHT though! So I'mma have to drop a mean 16 Get 'em all stirred up as I do my thaannng Oh so superb This 7 years old has got 'em all perturbed All disturbed just because my word Hold way more weight than my hearts prefer! Yeeeeaahh I COULD rap about Chucky Cheese Bore the world whit my ABCD's... But if you want the simple 1,2,3's You can count on the fact that I'mma chase my dreams I don't buy the Hoopla! What's the next song you'd like me to do Y'all Imitate Jay or diss ke$ha maybe... But nothing compares to MattyB on baby

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