Magpacker Magazine Speedloaders AR15 - AK/SKS - AR10 - AR9

Magpacker Magazine Speedloaders AR15 - AK/SKS - AR10 - AR9 from Youtube by MAGPACKER, 46,414 views

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Magpacker magazine speedloaders. Veteran owned & operated business. All Magpacker products are designed & manufactured in the USA. Visit us @ . Our magazine speed loaders are designed to load up to 40 round capacity magazines in one smooth motion with ease in 30 seconds or less, keeping your hands and fingers free from the pain of having to load each individual round into your magazine. Our AR15 model will load .223, 5.56 and 300 blackout ammunition into any AR15 platform magazine. Our AK/SKS model will load 7.62x39 ammunition into any AK47, SKS, or Mini30 magazine. We also have a special model designed for the AR 7.62x39. Our AK74 model will load 5.45x39 ammunition into any AK74 compatible magazines. Our AR10 model will load all .308/7.62x51 ammunition into all compatible magazines. Our AR9 model will load all 9mm ammunition into any of the 32 round Colt-Style AR9 magazines. We also offer custom design services for any caliber magazines you may own that we don't currently carry a Magpacker for. We also offer custom laser engraving services for custom lettering and images to be engraved on your Magpacker.

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