Song of The Falklands (Part 3)

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Thirty years after the Falklands War, television and radio continue to output programmes that imbue and renew the British psyche with an awareness regarding a small and final outpost of the British empire that was more-or-less unknown prior to the clash of the political and ideological needs of two distant nations in 1982. Song of the Falklands purposefully identifies paradox. It detects a desire for modernity in a society that has incorporated and indeed used a sense of its own pre-modern collective consciousness to appropriate the outside gaze into its own makeup. The Falkland Islanders deliberately define themselves as 'other' by what they are not. They are not Argentinian. Although their desire was to remain British they actually want to be 'Falklandish'. The film subverts the reliability of this awareness by using aspects of the signs themselves, the residues of images and sounds of the iconographic 'evidence' used to define the meaning, space, place and time of the islands, in such a way as to unsettle historical determinism. Falkland society is recognised as being interdependent with the native wildlife 'society' whose land the people occupy. In Song of the Falklands, the outsider is the unseen Argentinian, but in a strange twist of ideology the Falkland Islanders are themselves outsiders of the British ethos they so desire. Written, Produced and Directed by Clive Myer (Eclectic Films) Sound Design by Carl Boland

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