The Vanishing UFO & Friends - Examination #2, 08.10.10@2PM.wmv

The Vanishing UFO & Friends - Examination #2, 08.10.10@2PM.wmv from Youtube by supermushmouse, 687 views

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Conclusion: The vanishing UFO is not a single UFO, rather it is a UFO chain composed of many individual UFOs moving fast together at the same speed and following the same trajectory. The orbs shooting out of it are components of the UFO chain/cluster and sent out to investigate whose taking video footage (SMS) and the others that fly by even faster are like fighter jets escorting a bomber. This type of chain cluster is also known as a rod and can be infinitely large. The reason why the UFO chain/cluster seems to be moving slower than the UFOs that fly by and around it is because it is more massive and it takes it sometime to build up momentum as a chain/cluster in order to attain the speed of light and disappear from our dimension (3D).

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