BNSF Officer Special 3/7/17

BNSF Officer Special 3/7/17 from Youtube by SouthWest Rail Productions, 0 views

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UP, BNSF, BN, AT, FURX, HLMX, CSX, Conrail and so many others at Silvis, Illinois! 7/17/12
Green Beret vs Peru Special Forces Officer

1) Amtrak 790 with 455 and 6907 2) BNSF Z-Train 3) BNSF Ethanol Train with a friendly crew! 4) Amtrak 592 with 451 and 6951 meets a BNSF with a awesome crew! 5) BNSF Officer special with a great crew! 6) BNSF 7777 leading a slab train (was a bit busy filming with my phone, you can check the footage on Instagram) 7) Amtrak 591 with 6904 and 458

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