Fourth of July Makeup Tutorial

Fourth of July Makeup Tutorial from Youtube by Happy Glitter Girl, 31 views

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I absolutely love this Makeup look and I hope you try it out! Happy Fourth of July!! Please subscribe to my channel for more happiness, we are so close to my goal of 85 subscribers! Your support means the whole universe! 🙈 Other Places you can Find me ~ 📸 Vlog Channel: ✨ My Glitterful Blog: ➕ Google+: ✏ My Writing ~ ⛵💢 Cruise Crash: Author: Jules Status: Unfinished 🏃 The Chaser: Author: Emily and Jules (If You Would like to See Emily… Status: Unfinished 🙌 Kathy’s Stand Up: Author: Jules Status: Finished 👂 Hey, pssst, if you’re reading this: comment, “BOOM!! *gasp*” For no reason! LOL! Thanks Jewels! Remember this is our little secret! ‍💋 Kisses from Missouri!

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