Pokemon Card Review - Lt. Surge's Raticate.

Pokemon Card Review - Lt. Surge's Raticate. from Youtube by RandomVideos4U, 106 views

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Hi today I review another awesome Pokemon card. Once this series is complete I will have over 100 Pokemon card reviews for you to watch. Please comment what you think. Please also comment on if you have any facts about this Pokemon. If you would like to send me a card to review comment your email and we will talk. If you really, really, really x10000000000000 don't want to comment your email then just say you want to give a card and we will see what happens. If you give me a card I will review it and give you a shout out if you tell me your name or channel name. If you give me a pack I will unbox it and do a review on each card on the pack. If you send me energy cards I will do unboxings of the package but I won't do reviews. I will give shout outs in unboxings and the more cards you send me the more shout outs you will get. Please send as much as possible. Enjoy. Here's a bit about this channel: CHANNEL HISTORY: This channel started to make videos on 4th March 2013 and from then onwards we have been making video almost every week if not more. When this channel was created it was named 'Pokemonpika2' however after about 9 mouths it was proudly changed (as you can see) to 'RandomVidoes4U'. We have changed the name due to the fact that me and my main co-producer/co-actor though that the name is perfect for what we do. We make 'Random' 'Videos' and they're all '4/for' 'U/you'. Ever since we have started on YouTube we made over 300 videos in 8 mouths which means if we keep it up (which we will) about 100 videos will be made every 3 mouths! WHAT TYPE OF VIDOES DO WE MAKE? We make almost any type of video. We mostly do comedy though from funny animals to hilarious humans. As well as comedy we do reviews, unboxings, lets plays, gameplay and much, much more... HOW YOU COULD HELP US: It always makes us happy when you give us support. There's lots you could do to help us. Firstly, please watch as many videos as you can that we have posted. It's really nice to know that people are listening to us and seeing what we have done. The next thing you could do is, you can 'like' our videos. Please do this as much as possible. When you do this it gives us better ratings so we would try to make more videos if we know people like them. Thirdly, you could comment on are videos or send us messages on the channel. If you like the video tell us what you liked about it and if you disliked it please don't be rude/mean about it and and just tell us how we could make it better or what we should try next time. When you do this it lets us know what you like so we can make you the best videos there are about just what YOU like. In comments you could also tell us what we should do with our channel and much much more... As well as commenting, liking and watching please rate our videos. When you rate our videos it lets us know if we are making good videos or if we need to up our game. When you do rate please don't be hasty just tell the truth but not being rude or discouraging for us. You could also share our videos to as many people as you can. This give us more views. If more people watch we will make more videos because we know more people are waiting. Lastly, you could help by subscribing. This lets us know that people want to know if we make new videos and it puts us higher on the YouTube rankings. ThankYou for reading about our channel and I hope you try to do these things. :)

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