Stephanie 스테파니 - Game (cover by Eena)

Stephanie 스테파니 - Game (cover by Eena) from Youtube by parkyoona3, 528 views

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It's been a while since I made a cover. Seriously I recorded one song from a while ago and can't find the time to mix it. (It's a Secret song by the way. Not Poison yet, though) Anyway, as the intro of the song says, THE QUEEN IS BACK! I've been waiting for years to see Bokyung again. I've missed her so much, really. So talented (awesome vocal prowess plus dance machine) I really can't understand why SM keeps their talent hidden while they over-promote the others. (I'd limit my comment here because I know it's a sensitive issue, but honestly speaking, among all SM talents, CSJH are the ones who deserve much promotion and recognition.) So much for the rant. What's important is Stephanie's back! I've made a short cover of her song. I dunno though, if I'll be able to come back with a full cover of this song. Well, hopefully. Work's been stressing me out. Enjoy! :) No copyright infringement intended. I love you Chunmoo Stephanie!

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