[everysing] I Miss You

[everysing] I Miss You from Youtube by parkyoona3, 4 views

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. Singer : Eena씨 Title : I Miss You How can we not like Mamamoo? Ahh. They're so perfect! Anyways here I am trying to get back to singing so please pardon my voice. Enjoy! ^.^ everysing, Let’s Sing! Smart Karaoke, everysing that everyone worldwide enjoy! With Smart Karaoke, everysing, you can sing and share it with your friends at any time, and anywhere! Be a super-star and Show your passions through the online Audition in everysing! everysing APPLICATION ▶ Features ◀ ▶ Able to sing with a high quality MR ▶ Able to record audio/video ▶ Able to enjoy the recorded songs on ‘My Channel’ at anytime and anywhere ▶ Able to share the uploaded songs on ‘My Channel” with your friends ▶ Able to access to ‘My Channel’ on website, http://www.everysing.com

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