The Talos Principle Gameplay

The Talos Principle Gameplay from Youtube by Bluegazer Gaming Room, 17 views

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THE TALOS PRINCIPLE: Portal im Mittelalter?! ● 60 FPS ● Public Test 1/2 Gameplay

The Talos Principle is a narrative-device puzzle game, played from a first-person perspective, although the Serious Engine also includes the option to switch to a third-person perspective. The player takes the role of a robot with a seemingly human consciousness as they explore a number of environments that include over 120 puzzles. These environments interlock greenery and stone ruins with futuristic technology. The unnamed protagonist—a robotic android—gains consciousness in a serene environment. A disembodied voice, identifying itself as Elohim, informs the robot that it has created several worlds that it should explore and collect the sigils hidden within various puzzles as part of a path to enlightenment. Soon, the android finds itself at a base of a gigantic tower that disappears in a dark cloud high above, and Elohim warns not to climb the tower. As the android explores the world, it finds numerous messages from other seemingly-sentient beings that have traveled this world before, questioning the world they are in and the words of Elohim.

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