Sith Warrior Chapter 3 Part 1- SWTOR *HEAVY SPOILERS*

Sith Warrior Chapter 3 Part 1- SWTOR *HEAVY SPOILERS* from Youtube by EpicWinMMO, 6,646 views

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Heavy Spoilers! Subscribe, im uploading everything! What happens before this video: By passing my trials on Korriban, i become Darth Baras's Apprentice. Darth Baras is a powerful and mysterious sith lord who works behind the scenes destrying his enemies. I was sent to dromund kaas to destroy the rebellion, there i learned that there is a Jedi Master named Nomen Kaar that has an apprentice with the ability to see a person's true nature. This power threatens Darth Baras's life's work, a secret network of spies at the highest level of Republican Government. Dart Baras sens me to Balmorra to silence some loose end spies and thats when i pick up quinn as my companion. Then i travel to tatooine to track down the trainer of this mysterious Padwan, after that i travel to Alderaan to find the Padwan's family. Having captured all the people she holds dear, i finally confront her master Nomen Kaar. We fight and he channels the darkside. He is defeated, seeing this his padwan surrenders to me and becomes my apprentice (my companion). I get promoted to LORD of the Sith. Then Darth Baras reveals something he has planned for decades, his PLAN ZERO. Plan Zero is the plan to eliminate the War Trust, a group of top republic millitary leaders. This would break the peace treaty and start an all out war. After i hunt down each member of the war trust, Darth Baras sends me to kill his master, Dart Vengean, a member of the Dark Council. Darth Baras tells me that Darth Vengean's apprentice is actually his apprentice and is working undercover. I resque the apprentice, eliminate Vengean and clear the path do Darth Baras power grab. Darth Baras becomes a member of the Dark Council and takes position as one of the most powerful individual in the entire Galaxy. Following my great success, something else happens, a very important factory is under siege, a republic strike force has landed to plant bombs and destroy it. It is vital that the factory is secured so Darth Baras sends me to stop this from happening....

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