Swtor: Sith Warrior Tribute (Version 2)

Swtor: Sith Warrior Tribute (Version 2) from Youtube by Star Seeker, 19,872 views

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Swtor: Sith Warrior Tribute
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Swtor: Sith Warrior Tribute (Version 2) *Warning video contains possible Sith Warrior class spoilers* I recorded all of the footage and dialogue using fraps. Music: "Flame to Glory" by Ivan Torrent Once again thank you for all the feedback and comments on my previous videos. I've been preparing to make both Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent tributes for a bit but after finishing the Sith Warrior story for the 4th time I just felt the need to make another version. I apologise for my complete lack of consistency when it comes to how often I upload, as I've mentioned before, time isn't something I have a lot of at the moment. However I do intended to upload more often once spare time becomes more available to me.

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