Why you must remove agent handle time from scorecards

Why you must remove agent handle time from scorecards from Youtube by RelationshipMetrics, 179 views

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Full Article: http://metrics.net/blog/2014/05/remove-handle-time-from-scorecards/ In this video learn about what leading contact centers are doing with their agent handle time reporting. Move in the right direction faster by implementing what the leaders are doing. Each and every day a debate takes place. To measure or not to measure handle time. But you need to move beyond that debate and enable what really works best. What does works best mean? Watch. This video discusses question 14 in the self-assessment 29 Mistakes to Avoid with Quality Assurance programs. Download it at: http://www.metrics.net/resource-library/ So how are you managing handle time in your contact center? Watch and listen to Jim Rembach talk about an approach that can be used and leveraged to obtain higher quality and lower handle time.

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