Michael Bayard and Ann Roach: "Only Time"

Michael Bayard and Ann Roach: "Only Time" from Youtube by Michael Bayard, 470 views

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Michael Bayard accompanies the breathtaking vocals of Ann Roach, on a beautiful and magical rendition of "Only Time." This is an adaptation of a song originally composed by Enya. Musical adaptation and orchestration by Michael Bayard. Sound engineered by Steve Walker, Point Source Sound. We honor the original composer (Enya) by paying all appropriate mechanical license fees to the publisher’s representative(s) for all audio units that we produce. ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL IS USED HERE UNDER THE GUIDELINES OF "FAIR USE" IN TITLE 17 § 107 OF THE UNITED STATES CODE. SUCH MATERIAL REMAINS THE COPYRIGHT OF THE ORIGINAL HOLDER AND IS USED HERE FOR THE PURPOSES OF EDUCATION, COMPARISON, AND CRITICISM ONLY. More info on Michael Bayard at: http://www.bayardmuseum.com/museum/About/

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