Earth Eagle 145 WD vs Spiral Fox 125 SF!

Earth Eagle 145 WD vs Spiral Fox 125 SF! from Youtube by Falco2762 (PegasusKnightYlisse), 1 views

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2011-07-15 US Open WD SF korea vs japan

Tsubasa vs Zeo! Anime style! *cough* Sorry Toby..... Song: "Rush (Dark)" Game: Fire Emblem Fates (c) 2015 Nintendo/Intelligent Systems Random tags and shit! Metal, Fight, Beyblade, Metal, Masters, Hasbro, Takara, Tomy, Galaxy, Pegasus, Pegasis, DX, Deluxe, Set, exclusive, String, launcher, Beylauncher, navy, blue, 3, three, segment, grip, set, LG3S, Bey, point, card, not, included, black, tool, instructions, fence, barriers, sky, blue, 8, pieces, i guess, battle!, broken, W105, track, spin, Flame, Dark, Libra, Spiral, Fox, Flame, Byxis, Bistool, Triple, Battle, Set, version, Basalt, Horogium, Twisted, Tempo, Rock, Poison, Zurafa, Giraffe, Ray, Gil, Cyber, Pegasus, Counter, Rock, Leone, Ray, Unicorno, Striker, Aquario, Pre, Hybrid, Wheel, Thermal, Lacerta, Earth, Eagle, Aquila, Storm, Big Bang, Pegasus, Lightning, Meteo, L-Drago, Destroy, Gravity, Perseus, Destroyer, Vulcan, Horuseus, Bull, Sol, Blaze, Scorpio, Orso, Virgo, Burn, Fireblaze, Phoenix, Serpent, BB-10, Attack, stadium, WBBA, Coro, Coro, magazine, over, view, Fusion, Masters, Fury, Zero-G, Gingka, Haganei, keychain, figure, anime, scene, Fire, Emblem, Awakening, Fates, Heroes, OST, official, sound, track, I want to be stronger, Let's prepare for battle here, Let's rest for today, Destiny (Ablaze), Duty (Ablaze), Things are like Destiny, Conquest, Buy, now, movie, unboxing, excited, humor, effects, feels, random, acting, family, siblings, mom, dad, whatever, I'm tired of tags, officially, done! xD

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