Measuring Customer Experience 5 Issues and 5 Actions

Measuring Customer Experience 5 Issues and 5 Actions from Youtube by RelationshipMetrics, 670 views

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Gas station worker takes precautionary measures after customer refused to put out his cigarette

Article: Jim Rembach, Customer Experience Professionals Association (www.CXPA,org) CX Expert Panel member and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner discusses measuring the customer experience and 5 issues and 5 actions you can take immediately. This segment, edited from a previous webinar, discusses something that most contact center leaders face. Beyond just CX measurement they want to thrill customers; go beyond just customer satisfaction. However, many companies are struggling with their measurement programs and taking the correct actions necessary to improve the customer experience. A Temkin study says only 25% of Fortune 500 companies measure and take decisive actions. So now what? Jim will share insights on 4 different CX measures with industry examples. He will reveal 5 common misconceptions and 5 specific actions to take to improve results. You will learn about: * Leading Customer Experience (CX) Measures * 5 Untold CX Issues That Need Fixing * How It Impacts Agent Turnover and Hiring * 5 Actions To Take to Boost Your Results For more case studies, self-assessments, ebooks, and more go to:

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