That One Time: The X Factor Australia 2011 (HD)

That One Time: The X Factor Australia 2011 (HD) from Youtube by Amy, 133 views

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While in Australia, my friend won two tickets to a live taping of The X factor AU. It was SO fun! I'd say awesome, but I think I've said it enough times in the video. Not only did we get to see the contestants perform, but we also got to see Ed Sheeran!! Hold on, let me say it again: ED SHEERAN!! I wasn't familiar with his music, but I instantly fell in love :) I also loved getting a glimpse of all the hard work that goes into the production of a live taping. Oh, and as a bonus, (in case you didn't catch it in the video) we sat RIGHT behind the judges! (Mel B, Guy, Nicole, and Ronan). LESSON HERE IS: When studying abroad, you never know what unexpected adventures you might embark on. Also, we had never been to FOX Studios AU, so in order to get there we had to do our research and plan out which buses to take etc. So when going to an area you're not familiar with: do your research, let other friends know where you're going and always be safe, and have fun! Try and find us on youtube. Search X factor Australia 2011 Live Show 8. Marisa is TV famous!! She appears various times behind Mel B!! As for me, my hair is TV FAMOUS! You can see its poof near Guy's shoulder haha! Here's Ed Sheeran's performance (Recorded when we went, but aired the following episode): Here's one performance: Another Contestant's performance: Recorded NOV. 7, 2011. Episode 2 of 'That One Time' series. Music Credit: "Contemporary Individual" by Superhumanoids Check them out at:

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