MAYBE ONE DAY (Short Film) | Arj Barcelona

MAYBE ONE DAY (Short Film) | Arj Barcelona from Youtube by Arj Barcelona, 798 views

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Directed by yours truly! :) TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Thank you Lord for these awards! We give you back all the glory! :) These are the awards we received! MAYBE ONE DAY *BEST FILM *MOVIE POSTER OF THE YEAR *BEST IN EDITING *BEST IN CINEMATOGRAPHY DIRECTOR/CINEMATOGRAPHER/EDITOR ME! :) Arj Barcelona SCRIPTWRIERS Kryza Cubero Care Michaela Besares Villanueva Clarice Sem Bagsic ACTORS/ACTRESSES Kryza Cubero Care Rixie Jean Eloisse Icaro Aaron Miguel Agbay Clarice Sem Bagsic Francesca Venice Amatus Arj Barcelona Michaela Besares Villanueva Ginelle Isabel Ebreo Ricroen del Mundo Clem Andrei Corachea Copyright I do not own all song in the video

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