Charlie's Angels Trio (DANCE COMP) | Stila by Stella

Charlie's Angels Trio (DANCE COMP) | Stila by Stella from Youtube by Stila by Stella, 741 views

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AAAHHH! Competition videos finally came in, which means I had to post my favorite one. This is called Charlie's Angels, choreographed by the fabulous Haley Bochner, featuring Maddie Matthews and Ava Guz. Don't judge, I am still a learning dancer, this is where I am at right now. ENJOY! MY LINKS: snapchat: yostellaa2 spodify: yostella New to my channel? Hi, my name is Stella and I love to share my perspective on lifestyle, food, and fitness on my channel. I am a performer from the east coast, finally ready to share my life with you. As I talk from experience in each and every one of my videos, I hope everything that I have to offer helpful, entertaining, and especially fun. Join me on my adventure through my crazy life and the perspective I have on it...:) Sending my love, Stella Borelli

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