Poor Shih Tzu..

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FULL DESCRIPTIONS: I had a friend once the owner of this Shih Tzu (female). He entrusted this dog to his friend, a breeder (lets just named him Mr. T). Mr. T has lots of dogs in his very small house. Most of the dogs are pure breed. Small dogs and big dogs. He is the most sloppy guy I have ever know (in the terms of dog owner / breeder). Once I went to his place and saw some adult Golden Retrievers, adult Huskies, adult German Shepherd,, and lots of small breed dogs at the back yard. The place was totally awful for those dogs. It was super dirty and smelly with poops and pees everywhere, and I assure it's a fertile place for fleas to breed into millions of them. Short story, there are two of my friend's dogs there. One male Pomeranian (I don't know how old), and one female Shih Tzu (around 3 years old). My friend wants them back a couple of times, but Mr. T said they haven't been pregnant yet. So then finally my friend got a phone call from Mr. T, he said he's moving house and he wants to return the dogs. The Pomeranian is totally paralyzed. And the Shih Tzu is also not in a good condition. Her hair all over her body is knotted (like deadlocked). Then inside the knotted hair, it's the home of the fleas. Her upper front teeth (along with the gum) is damaged. (my friend said Mr. T only feed them with bones!) Which I think inside her mouth is also damaged, but I didn't look inside her mouth because when I try to open her mouth, she feels pain, so then I quit touching her mouth. My friend couldn't be so patient in handling this Shih Tzu with such condition, so he decided to give it to me for adoption. Her condition breaks my heart and I have been crying a lot,, thinking how could a human hurt such cute and smart animal like this. I took her to the pet shop so her hair can be shaved and cleaned (bath). A couple hours later I pick her up, and she's totally bald. I clearly see red spots all over her body caused by fleas sucking her blood. The next day I brought her to the vet to take a flea-killer injection. Today is the 4th day after her flea injection, and thank God the red spots is fading slowly. She is such a smart dog, with a skill (see the video). And she's hunger for love. -------- I took this video on Sunday afternoon, June 24th 2012, after we came back from the pet shop for grooming. With this video, I would like to share with you all, how people could be so cruel to animals (especially dogs). I'm really hoping that someone could help me to get some information about some animal rescue organization, that can help rescuing those dogs from Mr. T. All I know is in Indonesia there are no such thing as Animal Cops like I know in Animal Planet TV show, or some people like Cesar Millan. As I am an Indonesian citizen, I would like to have inputs for any organization for this kind of case that can help (especially) in Indonesia. How I wanted Mr. T to get the lesson of what he's done to those dogs. Foremost, I'm really wishing someone or some organization could help rescuing those dogs, before it's too late....... Paws, Bunda nya Berto

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