How to Use Copper Foil Tape on Glass Pendant

How to Use Copper Foil Tape on Glass Pendant from Youtube by HeyMimi DIY, 20,936 views

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This video is from my latest (and I think) best series on the topic of making soldered glass pendants. The "Close Up" series is just that: lots of zoomed-in, how-to footage. Here is good closeup video of wrapping the glass pendant in copper foil tape before soldering. I show you how to wrap the adhesive backed copper tape around the microscope slide glass and burnish it down, before you get out the soldering iron to make the metal frame. There is a prequel video to this one, in which I discuss exactly what type and brand of copper tape I use on my soldered glass jewelry, so watch that one too! Here's a link: Or you can watch them and comment directly on my website at

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