Earn additional Income! Empowering women through Eco-Fashion

Earn additional Income! Empowering women through Eco-Fashion from Youtube by Jennifer Kehoe, 66 views

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Arova is a women's Eco fashion accessory brand which focuses on handcrafted jewelry that has uncommon styles that reflect today's globalization. The seed of the idea was planted when our founder, Megan Milar, was living in India with her husband and children, while she volunteered with a small, but impactful, organization called Developing Indigenous Resources (www.dir-help.org). Their goal is to improve the lives of the people living in the Janta Colony which is a permanent slum just outside Chandigarh. They are achieving this goal by teaching health and nutrition focused on reducing infant mortality, providing early childhood education, and women empowerment programs. How do we source products? We choose small, ethical artisan groups and empowerment programs with whom to purchase our products at a fair price. We focus on sustainable, Eco-friendly products which have all been handcrafted. It is also important to us to provide them at a price that is affordable for most. Home Party Division Launch With our goal of developing a "Best in Class" home party business, Arova has developed two new programs for its Advocates that we're excited to announce. 1) We believe Arova is a perfect fit for offering fundraising opportunities ( http://www.arovastudio.com/pages/fundraising-for-you ) Whether you're working with small women's groups, people raising funds for mission trips, medical awareness groups or sports teams -- our goal is to provide a fundraising program that can result in groups earning generous payouts. Remember -- Arova's philosophy centers around People, Planet, and Profits. Keeping that in mind, we believe our Advocates should not have to sacrifice their profits while helping groups with fundraisers. That's the foundation of our new Arova Fundraising Program -- and we're excited to share more details with you. 2) Ready to be a Founding Advocate -- and eventually a Founding Leader? http://www.arovastudio.com/pages/love-our-products-sell-them . We've just put in place our "Arova Founders Program" to recognize and reward women who want to help us grow. No prior home party or leadership experience is required. We'll provide the coaching and training. Arova's mission is to search the ends of the Earth for uncommon accessories to enhance your personal style and inner beauty to adorn yourself and your surroundings. While doing so we make sustainable, ethical choices to help humanity and the environment. We work on a triple bottom line People, Planet, and Profits. ************************* 1-844-MyArova (extension 1) https://www.facebook.com/ArovaStudio https://twitter.com/arovastudio ~ posted by Jennifer Kehoe, Arova Intern and Student at Benedictine University

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