KFP - Disney's A Christmas Carol Trailer (Japanese Version)

KFP - Disney's A Christmas Carol Trailer (Japanese Version) from Youtube by PimpyPrincessKam, 8,740 views

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I came across this trailer a while ago, and I've got to say that it represents the movie better. Because y'all know how American trailers for animated films are misleadingly peppy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YAOYs3ObzI The film audio has the English voices, so don't worry about that. If my clip choices horrible mismatch the Japanese narrator, I'm sorry. D: The audio is from the Japanese trailer of Disney's A Christmas Carol. The movie clips are from Kung Fu Panda, made by Dreamworks Animation. Yes, I put Viper as Belle, but she and Tigress are like the only two girls in the movie. :O Just pretend she meant she was leaving the team or something. Have a Happy Christmas ! :) (I went to the Dickens Fair in San Francisco and was told that a lot. Haha.)

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