Remi Carl's Minecraft Graphics Tournament: Entry Video

Remi Carl's Minecraft Graphics Tournament: Entry Video from Youtube by Remi Carl, 326 views

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GTX 780 TI: Minecraft Extreme Graphics Mod

Published on the 15th of December 2014. Hey guys I'm back with another awesome video. This week, I am hosting a Graphics Tournament. First things first, the link to the quick, easy and free entry form for the tournament is here.. Entry Form here- So, the way I'm going to make sure that everyone who enters gets free graphics, is that I'm going to have the two people the compete against each other, to design a graphic, like Profile Pics, Thumbnails, Banners or renders, stuff like that. So everyone gets something, plus you will also get a shoutout from me for entering and participating in this tournament. Hopefully I can get a lot of participants into this tournament. The entry is totally free. If this goes really well, I will definitely make another tournament. ///////////////////// Remi Carl //////////////////// Thanks, for watching guys. And I will see you guys in the next video. Peace out.

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