Transformers Fall of Cybertron part 3- Metroplex heeds the call (G1 Optimus)

Transformers Fall of Cybertron part 3- Metroplex heeds the call (G1 Optimus) from Youtube by everything awesome, 1,332 views

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[게임실황] Transformers : Fall of Cybertron #3 - Metroplex Heeds the Call
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron E3 2012 'Metroplex Trailer'

Please smash that like button, and subscribe, it really helps :) Optimus and Metroplex head for the Iacon ruins where the Warp Cannons are located. Once they find the first Warp Cannon, Metroplex laboriously synchronizes his targeting systems with Optimus and together they take out the first cannon. Moving on, Prime helps the survivors of a crashed Autobot ship and finds Warpath in a huge plaza. With the second Warp Cannon shelling them, they head into a building and manage to get close enough to the cannon for Optimus to mark it for destruction by Metroplex. That done, Optimus heads down more corridors and is confronted by three Leapers, which Metroplex handily takes out by putting a fist through the wall. After fighting his way across a huge bridge, Prime gets close enough to the last Warp Cannon to mark it, only for it to take out Metroplex first. With no other choice, Optimus makes his way to the base of the cannon and forces open a door, only to be blasted by Starscream, bashed by Brawl and Onslaught, and dragged in front of Megatron. While Starscream gloats at his victory over Prime, Megatron simply blasts his Air Commander before killing an Autobot in front of the bound Prime. Luckily it turns out Metroplex is back online, and he rips the roof off Megatron's throne room before smashing Megatron into the ground repeatedly with his fist. Starscream pronounces Megatron dead, himself leader and orders the Decepticons back to base. The day is won, but unfortunately all the Autobots' energon is exhausted and they need to find more. Prime believes Grimlock may hold the key, and says Jazz and Cliffjumper are tracking down their missing comrade.

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