[HD] All Ghillied Up [Call Of Duty 4, ACT II]

[HD] All Ghillied Up [Call Of Duty 4, ACT II] from Youtube by ShnauzerR, 1,163 views

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Act II mission 'All ghillied up' and 'one shot one kill'. Hope you enjoy my playing ^^ TAGS: call of duty modern warfare 2 1 3 4 5 6 7 sniper ghillie all up act II one shot one kill capt cpt price macmillan silence chernobyl disaster nuclear powerplant glitch suit stealth stealthy mission imran zahkaov barret m82 m95 convoy m14 m21 usp 45 m82 m24 m95 rifle bolt action american idol justin bieber is gay kthxbai rwj gaming machineima g36c multiplayer black ops zombies

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