Claims three people have been shot by police

Claims three people have been shot by police from Youtube by AP Archive, 17 views

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Three people have been killed in a horrific car accident in Melbourne's south east.
生後3ヶ月 赤ちゃん 顔に息を吹きかけられて悶絶 Baby of three months old will have been in agony breathed in the face.

Kuchlak, 30 km North of Quetta 1. Wide shot of Kuchlak post office, with debris on floor 2. Policeman walking through doorway 3. Various interiors of post office with men inspecting damage 4. Tilt up from Post Office sign on ground to wide exterior of post office Quetta 5. Crowd outside Quetta hospital as ambulance arrives 6. Ambulance surrounded by crowd 7. Various of armed police 8. Armed police officer standing underneath sign for entrance to casualty department 9. Medics pushing trolley with body covered in white sheets 10.Body on trolley outside hospital 11. Close up of same body 12. Body being transferred from stretcher 13. Third body being transferred from stretcher 14. Mid shot of woman stroking the face of one of the dead, 13-year-old Hamid Ullah 15. Close up, same women praying over the body 16. Injured policeman being helped to walk by police 17. Policeman sitting in truck 18. Truck driving away 19. Crowd watching STORYLINE: Three people were killed when up to 400 Afghan refugees attacked a post office, bank and police station in the small town of Kachlak, 30 kilometres north of Quetta. One, identified by doctors at the civil hospital in Quetta as 13-year-old Hamid Ullah, died of gunshot wounds. The police superintendent in Quetta, Abid Ali, said the refugees first attacked the bank and post office in Kachlak, turning on the police station when officers tried to break them up. However, protester Mohammed Aman said the demonstration was peaceful and the police gunfire was unprovoked, denying police claims that the protesters were wielding batons. One police officer received a head wound in the clashes. The dead were taken to Quetta hospital. Quetta police chief Abid Ali said 75 people were arrested. The crackdown followed a day-long riot Monday in the Islamic fundamentalist stronghold of Quetta where protesters demanded an end to the U-S-led attack on Afghanistan. You can license this story through AP Archive: Find out more about AP Archive:

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