Royalty Free Music #1 - Epic Intro Music

Royalty Free Music #1 - Epic Intro Music from Youtube by Cyberwave Orchestra ® - Royalty Free Music, 6,412 views

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♥ Help me continue doing what I love, and get awesome rewards! Become my Patron: ► Spice up your YouTube videos with these 3 intros made by Cyberwave Orchestra! Download in HQ Download: ► Easy to use in your videos even with monetization enabled. For those who use my music in their YouTube videos, you may have noticed that you receive a message stating “matched third party content” and that ads will be enabled on your video. That's because I've registered my music with AdRev service, otherwise someone else could do it with my own material and give us all trouble. That doesn't have to worry you at all. Just email me with your video link and the name of the track used, and I'll tell the AdRev guys to remove their claim so that you can monetize your video. It's usually gone in less than 48h. You can even contact me before you use anything so that I can whitelist your entire channel, which means AdRev will know that we're cool for all the future uploads with my music used. That's what I did for MrBlackout81, Maniac Gaming, and a lot of other channels that use these magical tunes! Email me at: **************************** Stay well! Matt / Cyberwave Orchestra

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