Rage and Despair of an Ancient Monster

Rage and Despair of an Ancient Monster from Youtube by Morg883, 389 views

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This is my Animation for University that I have been working on for some time now! The whole thing sprung from the poem (which I wrote myself, by the way) and the rest of the animation was just visualising what was written. Its full of flaws, and pretty shaky, but for my first ever stop frame animation I think thats pretty good! Especialy since I was using a step ladder and an upturned bucket as a Tripod XD The Poem is read out by a good freind of mine and the music was composed digitaly by my good self~ ------------------------------- He was betrayed, Wounded, Broken. Broken by the very world itself, Cast aside for his ambitions, To be ignored and forgotten in the eyes of history. He would not have it. Benith the Earth in a great mountain, Lay another being punished for its ambitions. A great and terrible monster, A kindred spirit imprisoned for one thousand years now, With the power to lay waste and destroy the entire world! It would lash out at its jailers, And in its rage anihilate all of creation! All the fury of a Millenia unleashed at once. Or so He thought. After throwing itself against its prison walls for centruries, The monsters rage, Beyond compare, Had turned to an overwhelming despair, And it spend undieing eons pondering the futility of living, And its first action upong being finaly released, Was to take its own life.

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