Graphics Tournament Bracket Line Up, First Round and info.

Graphics Tournament Bracket Line Up, First Round and info. from Youtube by Remi Carl, 157 views

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Hello everybody. Read below for the info on the tournament. Due to the lack of entries and problems for the participants, I have had to cut down the tournament to the people who have participated, by sending me there renders. Those people are - DarkWave X - SapphireCreepeh - TheChickenWing - Shock Designs | Shock Gaming - YaTreeBoi - SamuelBeatsMinecraft - CreeperMC I have already put the points in for the first round, (there just not there in the picture, but you can stay up to date with the tournament right here: using your 2 renders you sent me, and then I picked a winner from each of the 3 pairs. So that means we're up to round 2, so everybody except SapphireCreepeh has to make a Profile Pic for themselves. Later on you probably will make more stuff for your opponent, but not now. So just make a PROFILE PIC FOR YOURSELF. Sorry that I didn't get to showcase any of your work, this first round was a little messed up. Next round I will show you all the works. Hello, I'm Remi Carl, and this is my Minecraft Graphics Tournament. Where I showcase the works of Graphics designers going head to head to win. Each week I'm testing them on skills and themes, such as Profile Pics, Thumbnails, Banners, Renders and many more. So the tournament will be a round robin. And at the end whoever has won the most points (games) wins. It may look and sound confusing, but all you need to do is make graphics. Winners get individual shoutouts and special prizes, and everyone who enters will get a small shoutout, depending on there placings. Please do not hate if you get out or don't win. I try to make it as fair as possible, and everybody gets something. Of course I allow you to upload your works if you feel on your channel, as it is your work, I am just showing it and I do not own any of it. Thanks for watching guys, and I will see you in the next video.

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