Final Bracket for my Graphics Tournament: More info in description

Final Bracket for my Graphics Tournament: More info in description from Youtube by Remi Carl, 151 views

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Published on the 11th of January 2015. Happy New Year Everyone! Hey guys, this is the info video for the Graphics Tournament. Participants I have sent some of you emails, with the skins of your opponents. Each email will have the skins or logos of your opponent as well as the due date for your task. Each due date is different to all of you, as emails are given over a couple of days. Remember to keep checking your emails everyday, because by the 16th of January you should all have emails sent. But please DON'T MAKE ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN AN EMAIL FROM ME. Your challenge is to make a 2 renders for them. I have given you your opponents names and skin, for you to make a render and/or text for the Profile Pic. Sorry for the long description, but it has just about everything you need to know about it. Shoutout to VenetiaGraphics you made the profile pic you saw in the video. Check out Venetia's Channel here: Tournament Details ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm Remi Carl, and this is my Minecraft Graphics Tournament. Where I showcase the works of Graphics designers going head to head to win. Each week I'm testing them on skills and themes, such as Profile Pics, Thumbnails, Banners, Renders and many more. It is a double elimination tournament, meaning second chances to get back into the main game. Placings are First, Second, Third and Runner Up (Forth). Everybody gets something in this tournament, because in the bracket, they make a special theme for the person they are up against. Winners get individual shoutouts and special prizes, and everyone who enters will get a small shoutout, depending on there placings. Please do not hate if you get out or don't win. I try to make it as fair as possible, and everybody gets something. Of course I allow you to upload your works if you feel on your channel, as it is your work, I am just showing it and I do not own any of it. - Stay up to date with the tournament, by checking out the bracket here: - More Details for Participants in the tournament a below the list of participants. Participants: MrFrosty- Creeper Killer YT- ShappireCreepeh- Skitty Melon- TheProGamer- Venetia- SamuelBeatsMinecraft- ToXiC_MCDUDE- Hitzo- dj- KenzGamez- Menaced- Vortex GFX- Kookie- Markz- YaTreeBoi- CloudyDesigns- StormGFX- lasixfive (L-A-6-5)- 123buttermilk- TheChickenWing- Kenneth- ShockDesigns | ShockGaming- Stillwon8- TheDubstepPotato- CreeperMC- CrittedTitan- MCDigital- DarkWave X- MasterJack Clash Of Clans & Minecraft- King Tyler- HerobrineBlazing- Twilight_- More Details When sending me your work, through my email (which you have), feel free to send the speed art if you have any, but I will not show any speed art until we get into the semi finals or around there. (You don't need to make speed arts though). Make sure to submit your entries before the time limit, points may be taken away or the other person will win by default, if you submit to really late. Email me if you can not submit on time, and I will give you at least a day or two to finish it. At first I will judge, until the semi finals, I will make people vote, which will have huge impacts on deciding the winners, just wait and see ;) Please enjoy everybody, and I will see you guys i

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