Hyomin - Cheating Cute Cut

Hyomin - Cheating Cute Cut from Youtube by PARK HILLYOMIN, 3,766 views

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Hyomin cheating during the rap parts of Hwayoung,(Hwayoung got foot injury and cannot on stage today. so Eunjung & Hyomin sing her part.) becoz she only can study her part by today morning(Hwayoung still on stage even in the last Jp tour) T-ARA just landed KR by today afternoon. This video is not going to anti hyomin can just rap with cheating paper. im going to prise Hyomin tried her BEST to perform well on stage even she dun have time to prepare. and she was cute at all. She keeps her dance steps and "pose" even she watching the cheating paper. LOL SUPER CUTE!!! haha LOVE HYOMIN & T-ARA FIGHTING!!! HWAYOUNG get well soon! :)

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